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Hello there! Basicaly, I'm Caroline. I love Muse, The Beatles, Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, The Vamps. Also I like reading, winter, dogs and soccer. Once Upon a Time, The Originals and Supernatural. Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of The Rings. Well, this description is a mess so yeah, bye
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In my personal opinion, as a black woman, this Taylor Swift outrage is beyond over the top.

This is not a Lily Allen/Miley Cyrus situation. Those two women EXCLUSIVELY used black women’s bodies as sexual objects. Their back up dancers were exclusively black women, and their only use was to be…

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Yoho National Park, BC ➾ Luke Gram


Yoho National Park, BC ➾ Luke Gram

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